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Bev Cart Girl Jobs Near Me


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Beverage Cart Girl Jobs Near Me

Are you looking for Beverage Cart Girl jobs near me? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about the job requirements, locations, and salary! This article outlines some of the key aspects of this position. Here are some helpful tips:

Job duties

A bev cart girl performs various duties related to serving drinks and foods. She interacts with customers, offers daily drink specials, and takes beverage orders. She mixes drinks based on company recipes and serves them to dining and bar patrons. During her shift, she ensures the quality of drinks, serves customers in a timely manner, and collects payment. Listed below are the typical job duties of a bev cart girl.

A beverage cart attendant is responsible for serving golfers and the public in a variety of venues. In addition to serving golfers, she also collects monies, maintains cart cleanliness, and conducts other tasks as assigned by the management. This position also requires frequent attendance at department meetings and training sessions. This job is an excellent option for someone with a love for outdoor activities and the great outdoors. Some golf courses hire beverage cart attendants for special events, such as tournaments.


A beverage cart attendant provides service to customers and guests while driving an electric beverage cart. In addition to driving, this job requires the attendant to use their hands and arms to handle and reach items. They must be responsible for ensuring that beverages are served in a safe and clean manner. Other duties include clearing dirty dishes and cleaning tables when customers leave. The requirements for beverage cart attendants can vary, depending on the location.


The average Salary for Beverage Cart Girls varies, but a few of the most well-known establishments offer hefty pay packets to their most talented cart girls. Kohler, Wegmans Food Markets, and Stew Leonard’s are among the top employers of beverage cart girls, with an average hourly wage of $31,816. Other employers, such as Target and The Walt Disney Company, also hire a high number of these employees.


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