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Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited


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Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited

Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited is a Private Limited Company based in Pune, Maharashtra. It is 16 years and 5 months old. It has its registered office in Pune and has filed its Annual Returns up to 31 Mar 2021. It has 4 directors and an authorized capital of Rs 4.50 crore.

Frequently Asked Questions about Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited

Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited is a private company registered in India. Its corporate identification number is U29299PN2006PTC128490. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 45,000,000 and paid up share capital is Rs. 42,308,952. It has 0 Members and is an unlisted company.

The company was incorporated on 19 May 2006. It is a Pvt. Limited company with its registered office in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It has 4 directors and 4 key management personnel. The latest balance sheet was filed on Jun 25, 2022. The company is active in the field of engineering and manufacturing.

Company overview

Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited (HATI) was founded in March 2007. Located in Pune, India, the company has grown to become one of the leading automotive actuator manufacturers in the country. The company has consistently responded to the changing needs of its clients by developing innovative products and services. In addition to delivering a high level of quality and innovation, Helical also offers exceptional design and engineering services.

The company’s balance sheet shows that its Current Investments are below its Authorised Share Capital. The difference between Paid Up Share Capital and Authorised Share Capital is the amount received for the shares issued to shareholders. In this case, the company’s Paid-Up Share Capital is Rs. 42,308,952. Paid-up Capital is included in the company’s Authorized Sh. Capital and can be found under the Shareholders’ Funds head on the Liability side.

The company is proud of its sustained growth over the last decade, despite the global economic climate. In this period, Helical has increased its revenue from PS15.1 million in 2007 to PS41.7 million in 2017. Its rapid growth is due to a combination of innovation, R&D investment, and a strong Quality Policy. Moreover, Helical is committed to long-term customer relationships.


Helical Auto Technology (HAT) is a company that manufactures springs and valve rotators. They also offer engine testing and design services. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has production plants in the UK, India, and China. Employees have a variety of different job profiles, with different salary ranges and benefits offered.

A company’s Authorised Share Capital refers to the amount of money a company can issue shares. This amount will likely be paid back within a year. Typically, this is less than $1 million, but it can be increased. The company can also increase its Authorised Share Capital if it sees fit.

Another important part of the organization’s financial report is the cash and bank balances. These are used to determine how much liquid assets the organization has. This figure is used to determine if the organization is profitable or not.


Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited is a privately held company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. The company is engaged in the manufacture of hydraulic, double acting, and electromechanical actuators. The company has four directors and a paid-up capital of INR 4.23 crore. The company is an active one.

Founded in March 2007, Helical Auto Technology India Private Limited has experienced a dynamic commercial environment in the years since its establishment. It has adapted to the ever-changing needs of its customers and has become one of the largest actuator manufacturers in India. The company is known for its outstanding design and innovation. It is also accredited by Trade India as a verified seller.

The company has offices in Pune, New Delhi, and Ahmedabad, India. Its main objective is to manufacture special purpose machinery. Its address and phone number are listed on the company’s website. The company is registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), RoC-Pune. Its last Annual General Meeting was held on 19 September 2017. Its most recent balance sheet was updated on 31 March 2017.


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