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How to Master Laminated Mailer in Simple Steps


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Companies that want to improve the quality of their printed materials can invest in laminating services to provide various benefits to their pieces. The laminating process sandwiches printed items between two layers of plastic film, increasing the durability and protection of essential workplace materials. For example, businesses can keep their menus and membership cards from ripping or crumpling while keeping the printed text legible. To master laminating mailers, you need to know some basic steps. First, learn about film thickness and dimensions. Next, learn about corners and wafer seals. After that, you’ll be able to master all of the other important steps in the process.


When designing a laminated mailer, there are some critical dimensions to remember. First, the piece must be rectangular. Then, it must have finished corners of at least 1/8 inch radius. The width and height of the work should also be at least two to three inches. Finally, if the mailpiece contains one enclosed disc, the width and height of the enclosed disc must be equal or within one inch of each other.

Next, the thickness of the laminate film must be taken into account. Thicker laminate makes the printed piece more durable. A 3mil laminate is best for folded pieces.

Film Thickness

Laminating a mailer is a great way to minimize crease lines. This is especially important for mailers that are dark in color because dark colors tend to show crease lines more easily. Lamination also helps reduce cracks that can occur at fold lines. Laminated mailers are also an excellent choice for designs that include full-color text.

Using three-mil laminate will provide adequate protection for printed pieces. In addition, its thickness is thin and flexible, making it a perfect choice for menus, wall posters, maps, and pages of flipbooks.


A laminated mailer is a durable mailing solution for gift cards and other promotional items. Whether the laminated mailer is flush cut or has a sealed edge, the corners should be rigid and secure to prevent damage to the package. Considering the handling frequency will also help determine which type of laminates to choose.

A transparent plastic film is available in varying thicknesses. The thicker the film, the more rigid the piece will be. Sharp corners can puncture the skin, so rounding laminated corners is recommended for safety reasons. Corners of printed works covered with a laminate of 5 mils and higher should be rounded for safety reasons.

Wafer Seals

There are several ways to seal a laminate mailer. One method involves securing the bottom edge of a folded sheet with three Wafer Seals. Another method consists in folding a self-mailer, a single folded sheet that does not contain an envelope.

In both techniques, the bottom edge of the tabs should be 0.5″ from the bottom edge. The top tabs should be about one inch from the left and right edges. The trailing tab should be positioned in the middle. You will need two tabs on the top and one on the left.

Shelf Life

If you’re looking to increase the shelf life of your mailings, you may want to laminate them. Not only do these mailers protect the contents inside, but they are also lightweight and can be customized with the recipient’s name and business information. Likewise, laminated mailers are a great solution if you’re considering mailing gift cards.


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