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Todays Final Jeopardy


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Jeopardy! – Winner of Today’s Final Jeopardy

The Final Jeopardy clue was “The race was run in 1752” and it was added by an international agreement. The first race was run on a course of 132 feet, and the surveyor who measured the distance lost half his toe in the process. Actor Fisher defeated fellow astrologer Amodio, but was stumped by the clue. It was the last name of two brothers.

Megan Wachspress

Jeopardy! fans are now claiming a contestant was robbed of a win, and they’re taking their frustrations out on the current champion, Megan Wachspress. In today’s final Jeopardy! episode, the current champ, who won the show’s fourth season, answered the question “Who is Harriet Tubman” correctly and added $3,200 to her winnings, bringing her total for the final game to $17,199. Her opponent Sadie Goldberger appeared to have the same answer in her mind, but nodded in agreement and seemed disappointed in the results.

In the second episode, Megan defeated two competitors. She presented her knowledge in a patient manner and won $8,601 during the episode. In total, she’s earned $60,603 in six episodes. Today, she’ll face Jeff Weinstock and Sarah Brogren. Megan’s job title is “Staff Attorney of the Sierra Club,” and she’s been with the organization for two years.

Eric Ahasic

It’s no surprise that Eric Ahasic has continued to win games on Jeopardy! The 5-day champion has won five episodes and earned $133,801! He will compete on the show’s 6th episode on Monday, June 13, 2022. His opponents will be Lisa Hernson and Mazin Omer. In the previous episodes, Ahasic won three games and lost one.

While he was short of a perfect score in today’s Final Jeopardy! game, Ahasic’s winning streak was extended to six days, but it was not enough to give him the victory. He fell $2 short of the final winnings after losing the sixth game and two Daily Doubles. However, this is not the end of the road for Eric Ahasic!

Siobhan Doherty

The winner of today’s Jeopardy! final round is Siobhan Doherty, who is originally from Ecuador. Siobhan is an attorney and Voice and Speech teacher. She is also a Senior Staff Counsel for Hartford and Demler Armstrong & Rowland, LLP. She is thrilled to be playing on the show. She is currently based in Santa Barbara, California.

Mattea Roach

A Canadian who played on Jeopardy! for 21 straight days has won US$506,584 – or nearly $640,000! – and will be eligible for the “Tournament of Champions,” where the top-three players in the game’s history will compete for even higher prize money. Roach, who was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, lives in Toronto and works as a tutor. She is the most successful Canadian ever to compete on “Jeopardy!”

She won over five thousand dollars, which makes her the youngest super champ in the history of the game show. However, she failed to continue her winning streak, and lost to Danielle Maurer, who took home $16,600. The Toronto tutor has now landed a job at a company in Chicago, and will return to the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions in the fall.


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